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5 Amazing Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Home Garden Ideas

Gardening is one hobby that some people think is for old people. But, gardening is for everyone, no matter the age. Imagine having a small garden in your background with some vegetables, plants, and flowers. It looks nice to think of it, right?

However, most of the homeowners’ dilemma is having a small lawn or space for gardening. Small spaces shouldn’t stop you from gardening. Despite the size of your home, there are plenty of home garden ideas that would fit you.

Vertical Gardens

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Have limited floor space? No problem! Maximize your space by planting vertically. Be creative. Allocate some vertical arrangements in your garden lawn and plant your seeds accordingly. Your garden bed can be customized however you like it.

Hang your plants from the ceilings; you can use different containers like pots, bowls, and colanders. Mounting a walled garden is also an excellent way to maximize your vertical space. You can use a shoe organizer to create your walled garden.

Square Foot Gardening

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Square Foot Gardening is excellent for newbie gardeners, and it is also perfect for small spaces. It is a wooden frame that has multiple sections to guide you where to plant the seeds. Within such a small area, you can grow several plants and vegetables in it.

Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture is a great home garden idea that will help homeowners garden within their small space. Try doing a double-deck type table where the top part is a flower bed, and then the bottom can be used as storage. You can also get a coffee table with a hollow space in the middle where you can put flowers in. A table and a garden in one furniture!

Window boxes

Why not use outside walls of your house? Hang boxes outside your window where you can grow some plants. This is also an excellent way for your plants to get the sunlight they need.

Potted Trees and Dwarf Trees

Having a small area should not stop you from having trees in your garden. You can diversify your garden and add some potted trees instead of just having plants. A great example of a potted tree is fruit trees like figs and oranges. You not only bring an aesthetic addition to your garden; you also get to have fruit to harvest and add to your pantry.

You can also put dwarf trees in your yard. They do not grow that tall, only reaching an average of fifteen feet tall. These dwarf trees will be able to grow in small spaces.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a fun hobby to have, and anyone can learn how to do basic gardening. Even if you are new to it and you are still a beginner, you can learn how to plant in just a few steps. You can buy gardening books or even search for some tips online. Your resources are wide.

Hopefully, the home garden ideas that we mentioned will help you. Don’t let small spaces stop you from having your dream garden.

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