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9 Best Storage for Garden Tools

Storage for Garden Tools

Gardening is a great past time and hobby that is relaxing and therapeutic. You can easily unwind with the different tasks that are involved in it. With these tasks, you’ll need a lot of various tools to get you going. Make sure to have the best storage for garden tools you’ll be using.


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The most common storage for garden tools is a shed. The shed is not only storage, but it is also a place where you can start your garden projects. You can make a shed in your garden lawn, in your garage, or in any space in your house. A shed will also be perfect for garden tools because it is located outside your house, and it will be separated from your home stuff.

Shelf Rack

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If you do not have enough space for a shed, then a shelf rack can also be a place to stack your garden tools. You can easily install a rack in your back kitchen or garage. A standard and straightforward storage option is a shelf rack. You can easily store your tools on a shelf in your garage or yard.

Bench Storage

Here’s a space-saving option: convert your benches into storage space for your garden tools as well. This is a great way to hide your tools and having outdoor seats in your garden.

Hanging Rack

A hanging rack is another space saver option as well. Be creative in hanging your tools. You can add hooks to the wall or install PVC pipes to a wall to hold your tools. This is the best way to save space and at the same time stay organized when dealing with garden tools.

Sand-filled Pots

This option is the best storage for small garden tools. Sand-filled pots are not just storage for garden tools; it also sharpens these. Stick your trowels and forks into the pot to store and sharpen them.

Old Mailbox

Turning an old mailbox into a toolbox is a great way to reuse this. You can easily hide and protect your garden tools with this storage option. Also, you do not have to throw your old mailbox away, and can even restore it as your garden tool storage.


A pegboard is an organized storage for garden tools. You can customize it by moving the hooks or adding more to fit all your tools perfectly. You won’t be having trouble looking for your tools with pegboard storage.

Trolley Basket

If you have a trolley basket, this can be a convenient way to store your garden tools. Your tools are always on the go. You wouldn’t need to carry them around your garden.

Tool Bucket

A tool bucket is also a simple storage solution but convenient as well. All your tools are in one container that is manageable to carry around when you need to work on your garden.

Final Thoughts

It is important to have a safe and secure storage space and area for your garden tools. Just like any other tools in the house, your garden tools should also be kept in safety for it to last long. The storage areas that we mentioned above are just some of the best ones to use when keeping your garden tools, but you can always find a spot for them.

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