Advantages Of A Bamboo Garden

A green plant in a forest

A bamboo garden is a Japanese-style garden mainly made out of bamboos.

It can be considered like an outdoor room, divided by grids, usually following some patterns (waves for instance).

If you want to build one, there are several things to think about before starting: it’s important that your garden is well ventilated and that most parts of it are permeable (usually not more than 50cm thick), like regular gardens. It’s also very important to make sure that nothing blocks the entrance to these buildings (to avoid flooding the space inside). Lastly, check your local laws regarding foundations; they might make any bamboo garden illegal or otherwise complicated to create. A bamboo garden can be used for several things:

To grow bamboos

A close up of a tree

Bamboo is a plant that can be used either in its natural form or to build small constructions (tables, chairs, partitions, etc.). Only the area adjacent to the bamboo garden should be planted to avoid any issues with building foundations and underground wires. Note that if you plant other types of plants around it, they will get killed by the shade cast by your bamboos; this might not be an issue if you want a more wild and natural look but if you plan on creating a Japanese style garden as I did, make sure there aren’t any other plants nearby. For instance, we decided not to plant peach trees after we saw our gardener’s peach trees dying.

To lower the temperature in your house

A close up of a tree

Bamboo is a good natural insulator and it can be used to build some parts of your house or even all of them, depending on how big your garden is going to be. It will create a microclimate where the temperature is usually 3°C less than outside (during summer) and 5°C higher during winter. We plan on building a garage with a bamboo facade to store our bikes during spring/summertime and some rooms inside our house using bamboo as well. Note that some species might grow too quickly for this purpose, so you have to find one that won’t grow more than 2 meters per year, like Phyllostachys vivax.

To provide some privacy

This is always a good thing, especially when you want to escape the busy life of the city for some time. You can use bamboo to create partitions or other types of dividers/gates that will give you the feeling that you are in an isolated space (preferably surrounded by nature). For instance, I could imagine building one small room with a glass ceiling and walls so I can watch my bamboos grow while lying in my bed. Of course, it would have to be well hidden so nobody could see me.


A bamboo garden is a great way to add some natural beauty to your yard and enjoy the benefits of having bamboo plants nearby. Bamboo is an incredibly versatile plant that can be used for many purposes, from building materials to food production. By growing your own bamboo garden, you’ll have easy access to this valuable resource whenever you need it.

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