Amazing Juniper Bush – What You’ll Want To Know

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 One of the most versatile plants is the juniper bush. A plant that functions beyond aesthetics, instead of just a decorative purpose. The juniper bush has decorative pine branches and bears berries, rich in aroma. The juniper bush has an amazing woody aroma. 

Amazing Juniper Bush - What You’ll Want To Know
Amazing Juniper Bush – What You’ll Want To Know

About The Juniper Bush

Juniper is a small evergreen bush. It comes from the family of cypress, although some of the specific variants are also known as red cedars. They don’t grow beyond 30 feet. They occur in many countries all over Europe, Asia, and North America. 

One can easily spot a juniper brush with its short, reddish-brown bark. The leaves look like needles, with a fork-like shape varying between gray-green or blue-green color tones. Not to forget the scrumptious berries it 

Juniper’s Healing Power-

Juniper is infamous for its flavoring quality- in food and even gin. They are of use when they are dry or fresh, as is. They have an earthy and spicy flavor. Juniper is also used in tinctures after boiling, specifically in vomiting and coughing. Its use takes place to aid in common colds, wounds, back pain, gout, urinary tract infection and even in tuberculosis. The juniper bush also contains diuretic properties, making it effective to use for varied ailments including skin conditions.

The diuretic properties come in play to make oil, which can stimulate the kidneys. One should also be careful before using juniper and should consider meeting with an herbal professional, who would be able to guide them better. The juniper bush has antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial because of the oil found in the berries. People proclaim that women drank the juniper berry juice during labor to decrease the pain caused by muscle contractions.

It also contains flavonoid glycosides, sugar, and tan. All in all, the medicinal properties of the juniper bush and berries is extensive and respected. Moreover one needs to understand it before use

Amazing Juniper Bush - What You’ll Want To Know
Amazing Juniper Bush – What You’ll Want To Know

The Juniper Incense -Amazing Juniper Bush

One of the lesser obvious properties of the juniper bushes the aroma that the berries emanate. Having a historical relevance, wherein different kinds of evergreen resin was burned during the spiritual ceremonies. A part of the sap would be collected and burned. The plants included were various kinds of pine. Pine gives a very woody and earthy smell, which connects with the natural environments, especially in the native American culture where it was originally used. Despite the juniper having a very little resin that can be burnt for incense, the amazing juniper berries can make up for that with their fragrance that encapsulates the room they are in. 

Takeaway – Amazing Juniper Bush

The amazing juniper bush is one of the most multi-faceted plants out there. It has more than ornamentation properties. It is of a lot of use and especially to heal and help the health of a person in so many different ways. One should ensure to consult an herbalist, who knows the medicinal properties of the bush and berries. 

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