Basic Garden Tools Every Garding Lover Needs

Basic Garden Tools

Gardening is a pleasant hobby. This hobby brings you closer to nature. Also, it makes your house look beautiful and lively. Thus, for gardening, you need some necessary tool. Here is a list of basic tools you need for creating a beautiful garden at home.

Basic Garden Tools
Basic Garden Tools

1. Hand-Held Trowel Tools

A trowel helps you in digging small holes and breaking up clumps of soil. You can also use it for transplanting small plants into big pots. It is also helpful in digging up weeds from the garden. It is a solid metal blade with a wooden handle. All gardeners commonly use this while working in their garden. It is one of the basic things that you will need while working in the garden.

2.Garden Gloves Tools

Garden gloves are a simple thing. Working with soil and plants can damage your hands. So, you need to protect your hands from damage by using garden gloves. It will protect your hands from thorns and soil. It helps you have more grip while using other tools.

3.Kneeling Pads

Working in the garden can be difficult if you are working while kneeling. So kneeling pads are a solution for you rest your body on them while working. It prevents you from being hurt by kneeling on gravels. It is a foam pad and adds comfort while working in the garden.

4. Pruning Shears Tools

Pruning shears help in cutting branches of bushes and plants. Fruits and berries that have a thick stem attached to the plant are cut with the help of these tools. It helps to cut a plant cleanly. It is also helpful in removing branches without breaking or uprooting the plant.

5. Hose or Watering Can

Plants can’t survive without water. So, to maintain your garden you need to water all your plants regularly. Watering plants in the garden is very easy with the help of a hose. It is less burdensome as you need not carry water buckets, again and again, every time. All you need is a long hose that can reach up to the plants. Further, you can control water flow and sprinkle water on plants if you attach a sprinkler to the hose. Also, the watering can is helpful for small gardens and pots. If you need not water a lot of plants, you can easily use watering cans.

6. Garden Rake Tools

If you are working on harsh land, then using garden rake will allow you to level soil. Garden rakes have uniform tines to smoothen the soil. You can also use it for removing weeds from your yard. It clears space in the garden and makes it easy for you to plant new plants in that area.

7. Angled Shovel

A shovel serves many purposes in the garden. While angled shovel will help you dig holes. Transferring plants is also easy with the help of an angled shovel. It enables you to make uniform holes in the ground for sowing plants. Thus, you can put plants evenly in the garden.

Basic Garden Tools
Basic Garden Tools


Hence, these are the necessary tools and things that you need to work comfortably in the garden. With the help of these tools, you can create a beautiful garden.

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