City Gardening Tips For The Urban Gardener

There is a certain beauty in a city, even when it is full of people and houses built into each other. This lack of space may get annoying at times, but we should always keep our eyes open for a different perspective. Most of the time, people find themselves unable to pursue their hobbies like gardening in an apartment building. This is a common problem, but just because you do not have a huge yard does not mean you should give up. You are perfectly capable of growing plants in the small spaces that you do have.

These plants in front of houses are a treat to look at for any passer-by. It increases the charm of the town or city, and also reduces pollution. The types of greenery you choose will also make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. There are so many positive results of growing plants that everyone should try their hands at it. Given here are a few city gardening tips that you can use to make sure your plants look stunning.

City Gardening Tips For The Urban Gardener
City Gardening Tips For The Urban Gardener

City Gardening With Complementary Colors-

When you are planting flowering plants, try to put them together in a way that the colors will complement each other. If you are confused, the colors which are directly opposite each other in a color wheel, are complementary. Do this with bright shades to achieve a romantic style. With soft colors, you can pair the contrasting ones together. It will also look very homey and give a gentle cottage-like feel to the whole place. Feel free to experiment with different combinations and go with whatever works best against your wall paint. Also, try not to use different varieties of plants in the same row since it doesn’t look as pleasing. Staggering the pots gives a jagged look too.

Line Up The Trees For Comforting City Gardening-

City Gardening Tips For The Urban Gardener
City Gardening Tips For The Urban Gardener

You can line your perimeter with trees in containers and get a very soothing look. It will be pleasant for anyone passing by your property as well. They will enhance the overall beauty and air quality of the suburb. Do not put all the odds and ends on your front steps without any cohesion. It will look out of place, especially if you add in pots with single plants of different varieties. People may think you have carelessly put together anything that you got a hold on.

Filling Up The Spaces In Your Perimeter-

If you have some empty ground around your property, plant some perennials in it. It is even better if they are tough and require low maintenance from you and won’t take much of your time. This will give you a lot of foliage and flowers to grab the eye and brighten everyone’s mood.

The Proper Use Of Containers-

You need not necessarily have flowers in every pot and container, you can just focus on the greens. There are a lot of attractive leafy plants to choose from, so check them out. Also, in a container full of low plants, grow a tall flower as the focal point. You can use twisting, slim, bare branches around it to add substance.

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