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I Come Out In Garden Design Spring Issue

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Many are not aware of the fact, but the garden design is one of the most fantastic bookazines for the ones who are in love with luscious images of superb design and gorgeous gardens.

A bookazine is a publication containing facets of a magazine as well as book into one. Here, I take great pride in being profiled as a groundbreaker in the Spring 2016 publication. I have reached a high point in my career, and I am looking forward to spreading my knowledge of different plants and designs in gardens. Now, I have taken this opportunity of coming out in the form of a cactus appreciator.

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I Come Out In Garden Design Spring Issue

Succulents And Cacti In Garden Design

Well, the matter of the fact is I had to show an interest in cactus. It is because I was asked about different trends in the field of succulents. According to my, progression is typical in this field. The majority of the individuals start with their love for succulents. For your kind information, succulents look very similar to fleshy roses like graptoverias and echeverias.

Once you start appreciating the shapes, touches, and lines of different varieties of succulents, you inevitably get to the ones that showcase elegant simplicity and charm. These succulents do have spines. No, they are not the characteristic prickly pears we come across during our childhood. There are different varieties of cacti we can come across. You will find columnar cacti that have spines glowing in orange-yellow in the afternoon sunlight.

Reasons Why Cacti Is In A Garden

There are several reasons why cacti have become a great thing when talking about garden designs. They deserve a unique position and mention in water-wise backyards and even in some of the most elegant garden designs. The reasons are as follows:

I Come Out In Garden Design Spring Issue
I Come Out In Garden Design Spring Issue
  • The Mammillarias do nail it when it comes to offering excellent symmetry to a garden.
  • Cacti offer fantastic contrasts to the simple plants in a garden. They accentuate the beauty and the décor of the garden by being a close match to the other simple growths across the yard.
  • Though cacti are elegant and charming, they do not take themselves quite seriously.
  • Some people are of the view that certain varieties of cacti appear as snowflakes, while others think they are water lilies.
  • Very few are aware of the feminine side of cacti, while others do not have any idea at all.
  • The majority of the cacti varieties are beautiful and cute. They are tiny and graceful in their way. The famous thimble cactus is even less than just one inch in its diameter.
  • They speak of excellent geometry, as well. Redbuds and spines are common in cacti varieties like Russian onion domes. Even Ferocactus has proper geometry.

Love them, hate them, but one thing for sure is that you cannot avoid the beauty of cacti in your garden. You cannot deny the fact that they are highly intriguing. However, one thing you should always have in mind when choosing cacti for your garden is the spinier varieties in this category are the better ones.

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