Pallet Herb Garden DIY -

Pallet Herb Garden DIY

pallet herb garden

Are you someone who is going gaga over the latest trend of pallet herb garden? Well, there is nothing wrong in drooling over such beautiful pallet gardens in your outdoors. They are the latest trend that has taken over the world with their admirable beauty. Planta has the capacity to enhance the aura. However, do you know what all you can do to enhance it more? Well, how about making your own pallet herb garden with your personalised touch? If you think it will be a lot of work and effort, then you are probably wrong. You will get to know how you can enhance your outdoors with the least effort required. Keep reading. 

Can You Make A Pallet Herb Garden At Home

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Yes. You can make a pallet herb garden by yourself at home. All you would need are small terracotta pots, hose clamps, and a wooden or plywood plank. You can easily make a plank using the fruit baskets, and paint them beautifully. Once you know what kind of pallet herb garden you want, start assembling everything to give it a final look. 

What Are The Different Types Of Pallet Herb Garden

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There are innumerous types of pallet herb garden that you can find and make on your own. You can do quick research for the pictures of different types of a pallet herb garden on Pinterest so that you have an idea of what you want. You can choose from vertical, horizontal, layered, flat, shabby chic, etc., types of the pallet herb garden. Look at the pictures of different types of the pallet herb garden and choose your favourite one to enhance your little or big outdoor space. 

What Herbs Can Be Grown In Pallet Herb Garden

You can grow a variety of herbs in your pallet herb garden. Some of them are thyme, mint, basil, sage, lavender, oregano, lemongrass, rosemary, fennel, cilantro, bay leaves, etc. 

Can Pallet Be Reused

Well, if you want to reuse any pallet for your pallet herb garden, then the first thing is to look at its condition. If it is made up of a chemically treated wood, please do not use it. However, if it is made of heat-treated wood, you can use it. Also, you need to make sure that they are not treated with pesticides and are in good condition. 


A homemade pallet herb garden can help you grow all the herbs organically in the minimal space at your home. Also, it would enhance the beauty of your whole without taking much effort and cost. There is a long variety of herbs that you can grow in your pallet herb garden. Also, there are innumerable types of pallet designs to choose from. Once you know what you want, please make sure to check the quality of the pallet. You need to avoid using painted pallets, as most of the paints are chemically treated. However, if you want to make them look beautiful, you can paint them yourself with non-toxic paints.

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